Baidyanath Makardhwaja (Sw.Yu.) Tablets

Formulant And Tonic. Raisly Efficacious In Sexual And Normal Debility, Cough And Other Chest problems.

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Baidyanath Makardhwaja (Sw.Yu.) Tablets

Product Type - Ayurvedic Medicine

Used For - Highly efficacious in sexual and general debility.

Brand - Baidyanath

Product Description - Baidyanath Makardhwaj (Sw.Yu.) tablets is best helpful in generating inner strength lost due to illness. It boosts immune system and makes body less vulnerable to diseases.

Key Ingredients - Makardhwaja, Swarna Vanga, Mukta Bhasma, Swarna Bhasma and Ambar.

Side effects - No side effects reported

Dose / Direction for Use - As directed by Register Medical Practitioner/ Mentioned on product.

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