Body Building

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Body Building

Body building is a competitive sport in which many men and women around the world take part in but it is not just about having giant biceps, triceps and pectorals, it is much more than that. It is simply what the word states i.e. it is for everyone that wants to build their body from the grounds up. Whether it is an office worker who wants to get in better shape by spending more time at the gym, a cyclist who attaches weights to their bike to increase acceleration, or a football player constantly improving their quickness and agility for the field; they are all in their own ways, “Body Builders,” and you can be too!

The definition of Bodybuilding is, Development and growth of the body with the help of proper exercise and diet. One way to do so is by strength training, also known as weight training. At first rigorous training causes tearing of the muscles but by frequent repairing of these tearing muscles become strong and starts to grow. And the second way to do the same is by proper nutrition. A proper balanced diet is a must have thing to have proper muscle growth. Body building requires extra calories and protein than an average person to increase the mass of muscles. Carbohydrates plays an important role in this process. Body builders are advised to take 25-30% protein per total calorie intake to enhance their muscles. These extra calories and protein can be taken in the form of chicken, turkey, pork, fish and various nuts or in the form of protein powders and other muscle building supplements.

Here is a list of most common and effective various bodybuilding supplements which you can use:

  • CREATINE – It is made of three amino acids: arginine, glycine and methionine. Many scientific studies have showed that Creatine can add up to about 10 pounds to your body weight, and it provides the energy required to spend the extra time in gym and the more time you spend at the gym the more your muscles grow.
  • CASEIN PROTEIN POWDER- It is a milk protein which makes you feel less full so it is great for the people who want to pack on muscle mass. When taken postworkout, casein boosts muscle protein synthesis.
  • WHEY PROTEIN POWDER – It is also a milk protein and one of the top mass gain supplement because it pushes protein synthesis. It also digests easily and gets to your muscles quickly to start building muscles which makes it a top choice.
  • NITRIC OXIDE BOOSTERS – It is a molecule found in our body that's involved in various processes. It has the ability to dilate blood vessels which makes more blood supply to muscles and which in turn gives more oxygen and energy to the muscles to workout.
  • GLUTAMINE – It has many things to offer for bodybuilding such as, it aids in muscle growth, decreases muscle breakdown and improving your immune system which helps you from getting sick and missing workouts

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