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Babies don't want anythingbut mother’s breast milk for initial six months. However, within the initial few months, baby care is extremely vital as a growing baby faces a number of health worries like baby reflux, baby cold etc. For this, in South Indian customs, a conventional technique of home remedy is adopted. This is often practiced not solely throughout the health issues of the baby, however as a daily routine ranging from the fifteenth day to up to four – five months.
Today I am going to give you a list top baby care products brands in India so that you can make an informed decision.

1. Johnson & Johnson:

This is the most popular brand for baby care products online in India. It offers a wide range of products but some babies are allergic to the products offered by them so you should choose carefully.

2. Mother Care:

The variety of products in Mother Care is known to be consist of natural materials. The products are of good quality and very well tested. They also offer a wide range of furniture, fixtures, and clothing.

3. Pigeon:

Yet another preferred baby product online in India, this company is mostly into baby products and accessories. The baby products are not on my favorite list but the accessories are.

4. Mee Mee:

This brand is similar to Mother Care as it also has a wide range of products that include maternity wear, baby clothing, accessories, toys and lots of baby products.

5. Omved:

They have a comparatively small collection of products for kids ranging from tees, shampoos, body washes, soaps, and massage oils. This is an organic brand perfect for kids. The only problem is that the products are on the expensive side.

6. Rustic Art:

This is also an organic and natural brand, but it has only three products for kids. And they are laundry wash, soap and massage oils in two variants. The laundry wash is hundred percent organic and the water used to wash clothes can be used to water plants. So, you are doing something good for the planet.

7. Himalaya:

This comes under the category of ayurvedic baby care products. Himalaya’s ayurvedic baby products are known to be made of ayurvedic formulas that contain unadulterated herbs. These products are effective, comforting and mild, they can keep your baby’s skin nourished.

How to prepare a home remedy for baby?

A wood flat piece is taken. If that's not on the market, any clean, sterile flat surface is sufficient. Put two spoons of mother’s breast milk over it.
Then the following herb items are taken – the maximum amount as on the market – Licorice, Ashwagandha, Turmeric, Dry Ginger, Betel nut, Clove, Pepper, Nutmeg, Dry Amla, Dry Brahmi root, False black pepper Haritaki.These clean healthful herbs items are taken and with every herb, a circle is drawn, with delicate force, so a really minute particle of the herb getsinto the milk.

One circle of every herb is drawn. Eventually, a mixture is going to be made, containing little amounts of those healthful herbs within the milk. The baby is made to lick this stuff.

it's a really effective baby cough home remedy & baby cold home remedy. It's a really good home remedy for baby reflux. It takes care of the organic process issues and therefore the metabolism issues of the baby.