Tara Nutricare Veg Protein

Helps in the growth of muscles and bones Aids in weight loss Provides energy to your body

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Tara Nutricare Veg Protein, 2.2 lb Vanilla
It is an organic supplement free from lactose, gluten and sugar. This supplement is uniquely formulated with rich proteins that are necessary for the growth and development of your muscle mass and bones. Regular intake of this supplement can also ensure the development of your lean muscles. This supplement is a great muscle development product that you can add in your diet. It is suitable even if you are on a diet low in carbohydrates, which provide energy to the body. Soy protein isolate present in this supplement provide you with energy. Also, soy protein isolate contains good-quality fibre and thus it provides you a feeling of fullness, keeping you satiated for long and curbing your hunger cravings. This way, this supplement also aids in weight loss. Fibre also helps in maintaining healthy metabolism in the body

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