Homoeopathic Health Tonic

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German quality health tonic to promote physical and mental activities • Eliminates fatigue, exhaustion and improves appetite • Effectively takes care of physical and mental debility in children and adults • Relieves nervous tension, stress and irritability • Supports regenerative process during and after sickness Improves vigour and vitality. Presentation : 100 ml and 500 ml bottles. Dosage : Adults one tablespoon, children one teaspoon, one hour before meals, three times a day. If complaints are not relieved, consult a specialist. Side effects : No side effects of Dr. Willmar Schwabe’s Alfalfa Tonic® are known. Advantages : Improved processing technology helps retain the natural ingredients of the herbs at its optimum levels. It is a non-toxic preparation and can be safely taken by different age groups. It has a corrective action on various body functions and can be used freely as general tonic. Contra-indications : No contra-indications for the use of Dr. Willmar Schwabe’s Alfalfa Tonic® are known. Interactions : No interactions between Dr. Willmar Schwabe’s Alfalfa Tonic® and other products are known.

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