Baidyanath Jatiphaladi Bati (Stambhak) 5g

Baidyanath Jatiphaladi Bati is herbal medicine which is benificial and provides many profits

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Baidyanath Jatiphaladi Bati (Stambhak) 5g

Product Type - Ayurvedic Medicine
Used For - Spermatorrhoea & for retentive power.
Brand - Baidyanath
Product Description - Baidyanath Jatiphaladi Bati (Stambhak) is very useful medicine for spermatorrhoea & for retentive power.
Key Ingredients - Akarkara, Sunta, Keshar, Kababchini, Pipal, Jaiphal, Laung, Chandan and Ahiphena.
Side effects - No side effects reported
Dose / Direction for Use - As directed by Register Medical Practitioner/ Mentioned on product.

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