Baidyanath Panchasakar Churna 100g

Baidyanath Panchasakar Churna is herbal medicine which is benificial and provides profits such as in complications connected to constipation such as gases, headache, loss of appetite etc.

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Baidyanath Panchasakar Churna 100g

Product Type - Ayurvedic Medicine
Used For - Purgative, Carminative & Stimulant, Relieves Constipation, Colic and Indigestion.
Other intestinal disorders.
Brand - Baidyanath
Product Description - Baidyanath Panchasakar Churna is an excellent remedy to relieve constipation and complications associated with it like headache, heaviness in abdomen, gases etc. Helps to tone up the function of Digestive System.
Key Ingredients - Svarna Patri, Sunthi, Misreya, Saindhava Lavana and Haritaki.
Side effects - No side effects reported
Dose / Direction for Use - As directed by Register Medical Practitioner/ Mentioned on product.

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