Joints connects two bones. They provide support and help when you move. Any harm to the joints from disease or injury can affect your movement and cause a lot of pain. Joints pain may be caused by various types of injuries or conditions which affects the ligament, tendons or muscles surrounding the joint and may be even bones and cartilage in the joints. Joint pain can also be caused by arthritis, or in some rare cases it may also be cancer of joint. Knee pain was the most common complaint, followed by shoulder and hip pain, but joint pain can affect any part of your body, from your ankles and feet to your shoulders and hands. As you get older, painful joints become increasingly more common. Skin is one of the most important part of the body and it is always directly in contact with the atmosphere so we need to take special care of it. Dry Skin is one of the problems which is very common between all age groups and especially in winter. If left unnoticed it may cause other problems like rough skin and peeling of skin. So it is very important to treat dry skin in it’s the initial stage. SYMPTOMS OF JOINT PAIN  Joint redness  Stiffness  Joint swelling  Joint tenderness  Locking of the joint SYMPTOMS OF DRY SKIN  Rough dry skin  Red plaques  Itching  Cracks and fissures AYURVEDA FOR JOINT PAIN  SONTH – It is also known as dry ginger. It is used as an anti- inflammatory agent by the ayurvedic doctors around the world. And you can buy this ayurvedic medicine online on online medical store.  ASHWAGANDHA – It is a herb which contains naturally reviving properties to the body. So it works well for issues related to fatigue, stress and weakness and provides relief from joint pain. And you can buy it from online medical store.  SHALLAKI – The anti-inflammatory properties of this herb makes it a good choice for joint pain as inflammation is one of symptoms of it. It also have anti-atherosclerotic properties which makes it a very important herb to cure joints pain. You can buy this ayurvedic medicine online on online medical store (dot) com. AYURVEDA FOR DRY SKIN  Calendula has abundant flavonoids and oils that are vital for healthy skin. Gather the petals of the flower and make a fine paste out of it, before applying it on your skin. Let the paste dry naturally and then clean your face with water. Consistent usage of this mixture will leave your skin moisturized and radiant.  Aloe-Vera is a one stop cure for all evils related to skin and hair in Ayurveda. It has moisturizing properties and fights with dry skin quickly and effectively. Apply the Aloe-Vera gel on your body before you sleep and leave overnight. And you can buy this ayurvedic medicine online on online medical store.  Sandalwood paste has oil in it and when it is applied on the skin, it aids in fighting dry skin. Rose water is a good choice to make a paste of sandalwood as it helps in removing dead and dry skin cells giving your skin a fresh glow. You can buy this ayurvedic medicine online on online medical store (dot) com. The main advantage of using ayurvedic medicine for these or for any other diseases is that ayurvedic medicines don’t have any side-effects and you can buy ayurvedic medicines online on websites like online medical store in India. So you can use them even if you don’t have the disease just for the prevention and we all know that “Prevention Is Always Better Than Cure”. So what are you waiting for order these