Herbal Hills Skin Care Programme

Herbal Hills Skin Care Programme - 12 products (Detoxhills, Imunohills, Glohills, Wheat-O-Power Orange, Hemohills, Digeshills, Triphalahills, Neemhills, Super Vegiehills Orange, Aloehills, Glohills Face Cream, Glohills Ultra Face Pack)

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"Skin Care Programme - 12 products 1) Detoxhills 2) Imunohills 3) Glohills 4) Wheat-O-Power Orange 5) Hemohills 6) Digeshills 7) Triphalahills 8) Neemhills 9) Super Vegiehills Orange 10)Aloehills 11)Glohills Face Cream 12)Glohills Face Pack Benefits : - Green Food provides Nutrition & Energy to the body - Detoxhills, Digeshills & Triphalahills detoxifies the body & improves digestion - Aloehills, Neemhills, Imunohills, Hemohills helps in Blood purification & enhancing complexion - Glohills Improves Skin health - Glohills Face pack & Glohills face Cream is for Daily Care of Skin"

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