Tara Nutricare Body Grow

Tara Nutricare Body Grow

Tara Nutricare Amino Mass

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Helps in boosting muscle growth Boosts your immune system Fulfils your energy requirements
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Tara Nutricare Amino Mass



Tara Nutricare Amino Mass is a herbal supplement that helps in boosting muscle growth. This supplement assimilates fast into your muscle tissues and supports muscle development. It can help in protein synthesis by hydrating your muscle cells. Formulated with amino acids, this supplement can benefit your body while supporting proper functioning of your muscle tissues. It not only helps in the growth of your muscles, but also helps in reducing your muscles fatigue and soreness at the same time. This supplement can thus help you recover from any muscle injury suffered due to heavy workouts. It also contains digestive enzymes that help this supplement get easily absorbed into your body. Consuming this supplement enhances your immune system, protecting you from falling ill. This supplement is a powerhouse of herbal ingredients that support your muscle building efforts.

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Price 764
Number of Servings10
Serving Size 
Calories per Serving250
Protein per Serving12.5 g
Protein Carb Ratio1/3
Weight (kg)1
Weight2.2 lb
Manufactured inIndia
GoalBulking Up
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