Dabur Kumaryasava 450ml

Dabur Kumaryasava

Dabur Kumarkalyan Ras Gold

Dabur Kumarkalyan Ras Gold

Dabur Kumaryasava No 3

It is useful in the time of Enlargement of Liver, Spleen, Indigestion and intestinal worms in kids.
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Dabur Kumaryasava No.3
Product Type - Ayurvedic Medicine
Brand - Dabur
Used For - It is useful in the time of Enlargement of Liver, Spleen, Indigestion and intestinal worms in kids. Pack Size 225 ML
Product Description :- Kumaryasava no 3 or Kumari asava No 3 is useful in treatment of five types of cough, respiratory ailments, 8 types of abdominal diseases, 6 types of piles, neurological diseases, epilepsy, digestive weakness, 8 types of Gulma, absence of menstruation in women, and many more diseases.This medicine is also given to children for improving digestion and assimilation. It also improves immunity to fight recurrent infections. For infants dose is one drop one to two times a day.
Compositionof Kumaryasava no3 :-
  • Kumari Rasa (Kumari) कुमारी रस Aloe barbadensis Lf. 12.288 l
  • Guda गुड Jaggery 4.8 kg
  • Vijaya (Haritaki) हरीतकी  Terminalia chebula P. 1.2 kg
  • Jala पानी for decoction Water 12.288 l reduced to 3.072 l
  • Madhu शहद Honey 3.072 kg
  • Dhataki धातकी Woodfordia fructicosa Fl. 768 g
  • Jatiphala जाएफल Myristica fragrans Sd. 48 g
  • Lavanga लौंग Syzygium aromaticum Fl. Bd. 48 g
  • Kankola कंकोल Piper cubeba Fr. 48 g
  • Jatamansi जटामांसी Nardostachys jatamansi Rz. 48 g
  • Kababaka कबाबचीनी Piper cubeba Fr. 48 g
  • Cavya चव्य Piper retrofractum St. 48 g
  • Citra चित्रकमूल छाल (Eranda) Ricinus communis Rt. 48 g
  • Jatipatri (Jatiphala) जावित्री Myristica fragrans Ar. 48 g
  • Karkata (Karkatashringi) काकड़ासिंगी Pistacia integerrima Gl. 48 g
  • Aksha (Bibhitaka) विभिताकी Terminalia belerica P. 48 g
  • Pushkaramula (Pushkara) पुष्करमूल Iula racemosa Rt. 48 g
  • Tamra bhasma ताम्र भस्म Calcined Tamra 48 g
  • Lauha bhasma लौह भस्म Calcined Lauha 24 g

Dosage :-

  • The recommended dosage of Kumaryasava is 15 – 30 ml orally with equal amount of water after meals twice a day.
  • For infants 1 drop can be given twice a day.


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